What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a type of skin which is prone to dryness, redness and fine lines.

How to recognise dry skin?

Dry skin does not have visible pores, without proper care is dry, seems grey and dull, has issues with the feeling of tension and creates wrinkles faster than other skin types. The makeup most suited for this skin type is one with a creamy and shiny texture, also long-lasting.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is usually caused by genetics (in contrary to dehydrated skin!) but it can also be caused by changes in hormones.

What are the advantages of dry skin?

This type of skin works well with a quality nourishing cream, it looks naturally smooth and holds anti-ageing products well.

How to take care of dry skin?

  • use a gentle skin cleanser ONLY in your night-time routine
  • do not skip applying a rich and nourishing cream, even after every shower
  • use a humidifier
  • do not hesitate to use skin exfoliants, but use only the gentle products and rarely


Apply 5 drops of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM onto clean skin and then gently massage 2 pea-size amounts of REGENERATIVE CREAM on top. Take a pea-size amount of the EYE CREAM, divide it between your two ring fingers and gently tap it onto your under-eye area.


Apply 5 drops of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM onto clean skin. In your palm, mix 2 pea-size amounts of the REGENERATIVE cream and 1 to 3 drops of REJUVENATING OIL and gently massage the mixture onto your skin. Take a pea-size amount of the EYE CREAM, divide it between your two ring fingers and gently tap it onto your under-eye area.


REJUVENATING OIL contains bakuchiol, the alternative to retinoids. Even though bakuchiol has many advantages over retinol, especially because it is not phototoxic and is safe to use during pregnancy, because of its intense effect similar to retinol, we recommend using it gradually on sensitive skin by mixing it with a neutral cream like REGENERATIVE CREAM. Gradually increase the dose by mixing a drop of REJUVENATING OIL (max. 3 drops per use) with 2 pea-sized amounts of REGENERATIVE CREAM. REJUVENATING OIL can also be used directly on the skin every day or every other day, the effect will be noticeable either way.

Depending on the season, our skin has different needs for lipids, therefore the ratio of cream and serum we need varies. L'ADRIA serums are designed to be mixed with REGENERATIVE CREAM allowing you to create new textures that suit the individual and seasonal needs of your skin. The possibilities are endless. During the wintertime, if you feel tension in your skin because of the dry air, try using a larger amount of cream. REJUVENATING OIL mixed with REGENERATIVE CREAM creates a caring night cream that does not feel oily. The second reason to mix potent serums like REJUVENATING OIL with a neutral cream is to allow a gradual introduction of active ingredients to sensitive skin and optimize their dosage.

Yes, the plumping and smoothing effect of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM and the elegant texture of REGENERATIVE CREAM make them excellent make-up primers.

Yes, you can use all the products in this routine independently from others if you prefer.

All L'ADRIA products, except CLARIFYING SERUM, may be used during pregnancy. CLARIFYING SERUM contains salicylic acid, which is not recommended for use during pregnancy.