What is oily skin?

Oily skin is the result of overproduction of a substance called sebum.

How to identify oily skin?

A person with an oily skin type has a naturally more shiny/oily skin surface, most of the time they also have enlarged pores, especially around the cheek, nose and chin area - which easily get clogged. Moreover, people with an oily skin type may have problems with blackheads and pimples, which make putting on makeup much harder because you get the impression like your makeup is just sliding off and not really sticking like it should.

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin usually develops around the time we hit puberty, but it can also appear because of genetics, changes in our hormones or as a result of living in a very humid climate.

What are the advantages of oily skin type?

As we mentioned before, this skin type produces more sebum than the other types of skin, which means that oily skin type is regularly protected from dryness of the skin surface and wrinkles or fine lines. If regularly kept under control with different skincare products, oily skin can develop a sort of natural sheen or glow - which is not easily achievable with other skin types.

How to take care of oily skin?

  • use a gentle skin cleanser

  • do not skip exfoliation

  • choose products that are non-comedogenic

  • choose a light and gentle hydrating cream

  • use gentle water-based serums

  • wear less makeup and choose foundations which do not contain oils and are water-based


In your hand, mix about half a pea-size amount of REGENERATIVE CREAM with 4-5 drops of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM to create a personalized gel cream. Take a pea-size amount of the EYE CREAM, divide it between your two ring fingers and gently tap it onto your under-eye area.


If you don't have blemishes or comedones, repeat your morning routine.

If you have acne or comedones, apply 4 to 5 drops of the CLARIFYING SERUM onto clean skin. After it dries, apply your personalized gel cream the same was as in the morning. Take a pea-size amount of the EYE CREAM, divide it between your two ring fingers and gently tap it onto your under-eye area.


The routine combines potent active ingredients that diminish blemishes and comedones: BHA and bakuchiol. Both ingredients act antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, they reduce sebum production, even out the skin texture and reduce the appearance of blackheads. Their different mechanisms of action make them a combination of your dreams.

Yes, you can use all the products in this routine independently from others if you prefer.

Depending on the season, our skin has different needs for lipids, therefore the ratio of cream and serum we need varies. L'ADRIA serums are designed to be mixed with REGENERATIVE CREAM allowing you to create new textures that suit the individual and seasonal needs of your skin. The exact amount of product is individual; you may use a smaller amount of cream and a bigger amount of serum, depending on your specific needs and the season. The possibilities are endless. INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM creates a gel cream with REGENERATIVE CREAM, which suits oily skin well, especially in summer. REJUVENATING OIL mixed with REGENERATIVE CREAM creates a caring night cream that does not feel oily. The second reason to mix potent serums like REJUVENATING OIL with a neutral cream is to allow a gradual introduction of active ingredients to sensitive skin and optimize their dosage. Only CLARIFYING SERUM should not be mixed into REGENERATIVE CREAM, it works best alone.

REJUVENATING OIL contains bakuchiol, the alternative to retinoids. Even though bakuchiol has many advantages over retinol, especially because it is not phototoxic and is safe to use during pregnancy, because of its intense effect similar to retinol, we recommend using it gradually on sensitive skin by mixing it with a neutral cream like REGENERATIVE CREAM. Gradually increase the dose by mixing a drop of REJUVENATING OIL (max. 3 drops per use) with a pea-sized amount of REGENERATIVE CREAM. REJUVENATING OIL can also be used directly on the skin every day or every other day, the effect will be noticable either way.

REJUVENATING OIL is an oil serum based on squalane, which is a non-greasy oil for all skin types, it is fast absorbing and does not clog pores, more so it protects epidermal surface lipids from oxidation (which causes blackheads and inflammation) and is perfect for nighttime care of oily skin. However, if you really do not like the oily feeling on your skin, try this hack: mix a pea-sized amount of REGENERATIVE CREAM with a drop of REJUVENATING OIL on the palm of your hand. The result is a nourishing night cream which reduces the appearance of blemishes and absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily feeling on the surface of the skin.

Yes, the plumping and smoothing effect of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM and the elegant texture of REGENERATIVE CREAM make them excellent make-up primers.

All L'ADRIA products, except CLARIFYING SERUM, may be used during pregnancy. CLARIFYING SERUM contains salicylic acid, which is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

We recommend using SPF the whole year round. CLARIFYING SERUM contains BHA (salicylic acid), which is said to increase sensitivity of skin to the sun. However, according to recent findings (SCCS/1601/18 Final Opinion, Corrigendum of 20-21 June 2019), BHA actually does not have photo-irritant, photosensitizing nor photocarcinogenic properties. CLARIFYING SERUM is also very rich in extremolytes like ectoin with proven photoprotective properties. Combined with an SPF, which you should always use anyway, CLARIFYING SERUM is a very safe choice to use all year round.