What is normal skin?

Normal skin is a type of skin which does not have any known skin issues or skin sensitivities.

How to recognise normal skin?

Normal type of skin has barely noticeable pores, has a natural glow and may develop a few pimples during PMS. Normal skin type does not have issues with dryness of the skin or excess sebum, it is not sensitive, and the level of skin hydration is balanced. This skin type can easily wear any type of makeup.

What causes normal skin type?

Normal skin is exclusively hereditary.

What are the advantages of normal skin?

This type of skin requires a simple and minimalistic skincare routine for normal skin functioning and does not require complex formulas for the perfect care.

How to take care of normal skin?

  • create a quality routine for your skincare for avoiding dryness, oiliness, combination skin and skin dehydration
  • use a skin cleanser that contains rich ingredients made for maintaining a healthy and strong skin barrier, a gentle product with AHAs for regular exfoliation and a hydrating cream for everyday use
  • use an SPF cream for maintaining a youthful appearance
  • thoroughly remove your makeup every night before going to bed


Apply 5 drops of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM onto clean skin and then gently massage a pea-size amount of REGENERATIVE CREAM on top. Take a pea-size amount of the EYE CREAM, divide it between your two ring fingers and gently tap it onto your under-eye area.

To make an individualised gel cream, mix the REGENERATIVE CREAM with INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM in your hand, adding as much serum as you want until you reach the wanted consistency.


Simply repeat the morning routine. Less is more.


Depending on the season, our skin has different needs for lipids, therefore the ratio of cream and serum we need varies. L'ADRIA serums are designed to be mixed with REGENERATIVE CREAM allowing you to create new textures that suit the individual and seasonal needs of your skin. The possibilities are endless. During the summertime, try combining the products to create an ultra hydrating gel cream: mix a pea-sized amount of REGENERATIVE CREAM and 2-3 drops of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM on the palm of your hand. You may use a smaller amount of cream and a bigger amount of serum in the summer, and opposite in the winter. During the wintertime, if you feel tension in your skin because of the dry air, try using a bigger amount of cream (instead of one pea-sized amount - use two peas!).

Yes, the plumping and smoothing effect of INSTANT REVITALIZING SERUM and the elegant texture of REGENERATIVE CREAM make them excellent make-up primers.

Yes, you can use all the products in this routine independently from others if you prefer.

These products are suitable for sensitive skin.

All L'ADRIA products, except CLARIFYING SERUM, may be used during pregnancy. CLARIFYING SERUM contains salicylic acid, which is not recommended for use during pregnancy.