Mysteries from the deep,
grains of sand,
the scent of herbs
and crystals of salt
reflect the secrets of beauty from one small sea
the Adriatic

The fast-paced lifestyle is riddled with stress

The year 2020 is marked by rearrangement of priorities. The fast-paced lifestyle is riddled with stress, partly due to the bombardment of marketing campaigns that convince us that we are always missing “that something” for happiness in life. When it comes to women, the biggest pressure is created by the beauty industry, which every week, like on an assembly line, launches new products and convinces us that these are just the ones missing in our care routine. Each new ingredient is bombastically claimed to make us more beautiful, younger, and therefore more desirable, perhaps even more successful... to the point that even with a shelf full of products, we simply cannot feel satisfaction and, ultimately, confidence in our care routine.

Perhaps the time has come to recognize beauty in the small things, to turn to minimalism and nature. You do not need another product to be added to your complex 10-step routine. The only thing your skin needs is a clean hydrating formula, which does its job without too much pomp.

And that is exactly why L'ADRIA enters the scene.

L'ADRIA is a new brand of preparative cosmetics which, at a time when consumerism dictates care trends instead of common sense, wants to invest in nature and true values, doing it in a distinctly clean, green way, and with the best that Croatia has to offer, the Adriatic Sea.


We extracted the finest marine algae and collagen from the heart of the Adriatic Sea and placed them in quality products without unnecessary ingredients, designed for sensitive skin.

The focal point of the L’ADRIA brand are clearly explained skin care routines. By combining them optimally with each other, one can get the most out of L'ADRIA products without increasing the number of products in the routine. It is a no-brainer. You can find a ready-made routine on the official webshop with a simple explanation on how to use it. The central product of every routine is a regenerative cream, with sea algae and collagen in a simple hydration base. This basic moisturiser is focused on deep hydration and skin renewal, and with its delicate formula without PEG, polysorbates, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, fragrances and essential oils, it is suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive one. The routine is then upgraded, depending on the skin type, with potent serums that provide radiance, regeneration, improved complexion and eliminate imperfections. Yet L’ADRIA’s rule is actually very simple: you do not need a lot of products per routine, nor a lot of ingredients per product - less is truly more.

Ladria regenerative cream

The concept of L'ADRIA, which combines the benefits of the Adriatic and quality skin care without unnecessary, potentially problematic, non-ecological or comedogenic ingredients, is complemented by a "green" goal: in addition to the fact that L'ADRIA products are not tested on animals, all packaging is made of ecologically optimal material - glass, with only the necessary plastic accessories. The brand idea is to invest in ourselves and in the beauty around us for the long run: maintaining the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic and raising awareness of the importance of recycling and the problem of global pollution.

Ladria oil and serum group

Without false promises, overblown claims and the assurance that you still need “exactly this” product for complete happiness, L’ADRIA does not want to sell you another product that will be lost in the shuffle in your cosmetic bag. We want to educate you about the ingredients, teach you what your skin type is and offer you what it needs to function. You do not need every product that social media is buzzing about, you do not need a product that is “awesome” to your friend or another product in the routine just because L'ADRIA released it - you need quality, not quantity.