Mysteries from the deep,
grains of sand,
the scent of herbs
and crystals of salt
reflect the secrets of beauty from one small sea
the Adriatic

Do more, be faster, get stronger!

Today’s lifestyle is imbued with unrealistic expectations and accompanying stress. Assurances that just one more purchase separates us from the long-awaited happiness are coming from all sides. Such ungrateful and hectic conditions of modern life can be reflected on our face as well. That's why we created L'ADRIA brand, which brings simplicity, helping you to hit pause and take a break.

We have poured our love for the Adriatic sea and long-standing experience in formulating cosmetics into glass jars for a unique skincare experience that will enrich your routine and allow your skin to shine in all its glory. Forget the shelf full of products that you look at disappointingly and dive with us into the relaxing world of minimalism inspired by the benefits of the most beautiful sea - the Adriatic.

Start your L'ADRIA experience.

L'ADRIA brand believes in a gentle and caring approach to revitalization of all skin types. We transfer this into your routine in harmony with nature and inspired by the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Our formulas, designed to support every skin, will give your face hydration and vitality and preserve your beauty.


The finest marine algae and collagen were extracted from the heart of the Adriatic to enrich quality products for minimalist care routines. Knowing how much you value sensual feeling of skincare as well, we gave special attention to textures. Irresistible to the touch, they are comfortable for every skin, even the most sensitive one.

We know that finding the ideal products tailored to your skin type is often a thorny path, so we have done the harder part of the task for you - we offer complete suggestions of simple routines designed to provide the best results. To reduce clutter on your cosmetic shelves, all L'ADRIA serums provide multiple effects. Thus, the exfoliating serum is at the same time very hydrating, while the extremely nourishing oil serum is enriched with innovative ingredients to preserve the vitality of the skin, and our hyaluronic serum will instantly hydrate your skin and make wrinkles less visible. The centre of each L'ADRIA routine is moisturiser, enriched with marine algae and collagen as the basis of our brand, in a simple hydration base. All L'ADRIA moisturisers can be used as day and night creams, and for stronger hydration it is simply necessary to adjust the amount you use. All our products are immersed in delicate formulas - without PEG, polysorbate, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and essential oils, and are therefore suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive one. In development and routine, we stick to the rule - less is more.

Ladria regenerative cream

L'ADRIA brand's vision is to raise awareness of the importance of socially responsible production by combining the benefits of the Adriatic into quality care without undesirable ingredients, which potentially cause irritations. All ingredients are plant-based and natural, from emulsifiers and thickeners to the pearls of our formulations - active ingredients. Specifically with the aim of reducing the amount of waste in the environment, we chose glass packaging with a very small proportion of plastic elements, placed in compact cardboard boxes. We are constantly following innovations and ecologically optimising our packaging accordingly. The goal of the brand is a long-term investment in ourselves and in the beauty around us by keeping the most beautiful beaches and the Adriatic clean, and by raising awareness of the importance of recycling and the pollution problem facing our only planet.

Ladria oil and serum group

The purpose of the L'Adria brand is to spread knowledge about ingredients that are completely tailored to the needs of your skin, without unnecessary exaggerations, unattainable promises or following the trends blindly. Through our products, we want to help you get to know your skin better, find out more easily which ingredients suit it perfectly, and fall completely in love with it. Our minimalist ideal accompanies us in the development of the brand, so we will not overwhelm you with products. We create only those formulas that are currently missing in the market, and many desperately need them. We want to bring you closer to a world where quality, not quantity, always comes first.